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Whats the best clipper for pet grooming at home?

You definitely don't want to waste you money on a tool that won't work. As a pet groomer with over 30 years experience, I've heard it over and over again that someone bought a pair of clippers and they were junk. Let's not get into why, just how to avoid wasting your money.

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The more powerful the more expensive. If you are looking to save money on grooming your pet at home, just get the better tools.

The best overall value:


The best value for professionals (this is the one I use in my salon)


The basic blade for safety & short in areas like sanitary or paw pads:

Clip with the grain of the hair at all times with this blade or else it will be doubly as short. (With cats you can clip in reverse for a smooth cut)


Short & smooth clipper blade:

(length is comparable to the top of a Golden Retrievers' nose)

Clipping against the grain of the hair will cut twice as short.


Medium length clipper blade (comparable to the length on the top of a German Shepard head or like this little Bichon has on his body:


Medium- long clipper blade. This little

Pomeranian has his body in a #4 :

Safety Disclaimer: The tools recomended in this article are meant as recommendations and are to be used with great care and caution. Always be sure the blade is flat to the skin and that there are no skin webbings or loose skin for the blade to catch.

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